Frequently Asked

What is Mirai Live?

Mirai Live is a cutting-edge online teaching platform where you can learn the skills to design, grow, and understand bonsai like never before.

You can interact Live with bonsai professional Ryan Neil and artists from around the world to access their secrets to designing and growing robust trees.

When you approach a stumbling block in bonsai, you now have a place to get your questions answered. With Mirai Live, you have the tools to maximize every tree you put on your turntable.

What makes Mirai Live different from other bonsai videos?

With Mirai Live, bonsai knowledge is limitless.

You can have direct access to world renowned bonsai professional Ryan Neil and ask him your questions in real time. You can witness the ins-and-outs of Mirai’s approach to bonsai as an intersection of artistry and horticulture.

The archive is always expanding - you can have unlimited access to re-watch and build your skills at your own pace. Each week, you will have something new to watch, absorb, and incorporate into your own practice.

Mirai Live is about you! Our streaming topics are dependent on your feedback, tell us what you want to know and we will teach you Live. The biggest definer of this platform is our capacity to connect you to experts who will provide the tools you seek.

Do I need previous bonsai experience to use Mirai Live?

Mirai Live is designed to accommodate every skill-level in bonsai - from the Appreciators, to the Masters, to the Innovators.

Our video archive covers a wide range of knowledge, from fundamental techniques to high-level design theory. We give you the background story behind what has remained elusive in the world of bonsai for centuries.

Whether you’ve been practicing bonsai for decades or are simply intrigued by the artform, Mirai Live will reorient the way you experience and practice bonsai.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, click the pricing tab on the top of the page and view the various pricing structures. Click ‘Join Us’ to create an account, enter your email and set a password.

Once your account is created, you may then choose your subscription level and billing frequency - we offer annual or monthly rates.

After entering your credit card information, you will need to activate your account.

A link will be sent to your account email that you will need to follow to fully activate your Mirai Live account.

You will also receive an email detailing the success or failure of your payment. If your account remains pending, there may be issues with your billing.

Once your account is confirmed and your payment is successful, you will be able to access the Mirai Live content affiliated with your Tier. For questions regarding upgrading, see below.

When do you stream Live?

Tuesdays at 6PM PST, unless otherwise specified by the Mirai Team.

When we are Live, the Mirai logo in the top left-hand corner will be red. Click on it and, if you are a member, you will be taken to the home page where the live stream plays.

If you are a member, we will send you weekly emails reminding you to join us Live!

Can I re-watch the streams? Are they available for download?

Yes! You can re-watch edited versions of the streams to build your skills. They are stored in the Mirai Live archive. Depending on your subscription to Tier 2 and/or Tier 3, you will have unlimited access to replay these videos when connected to wifi or a cellular data network. Mirai Live videos are not available for download to your device.

Can I access Mirai Live on mobile?

Yes! You can plug into Mirai Live in HD on most smartphones and tablets (iOS 8.0 or newer, Android 4.4 or newer, and Windows Phone 8.1 or newer). On desktop computers (Macs and PCs) Mirai Live is designed to work on all major and modern web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and above).

Please note: if you are a Tier 3 member and view the site with Internet Explorer 10 or 11, the Chatwee chat widget will not appear correctly. You will need to “pop” the chat window out into a new window. You can do that by clicking the button illustrated below:

When we are Live, I am having issues, what do I do?

If there is a technical problem occurring with the stream on our side, we do our best to communicate with everyone Live that we are working to solve the issue. However, if you are experiencing interruptions, buffering, or a lag and it does not seem to be due to technical​ issues on our side, you can troubleshoot with these steps.

#1 - Refresh your page. This is a simple way to fix many stalls, freezes, or buffering issues.

#2 - When we are Live, we receive the least issues with Google Chrome. If you are using another web browser, sometimes issues can be solved by simply switching.

#3 - Take your streaming quality down to 720 or 480p by clicking the ‘HD’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the video, a series of numbers will pop up and you can lower the video quality.

#4 - You may need to check your internet speed by performing an internet speed test. Simply search on any search engine ‘internet speed test’ to see how many megabytes per second your internet is capable of handling. When we are streaming Live, we send out around 12mbps in data, which is a very big signal - this is the nature of Live video broadcasting. We suggest that users have at the bare minimum internet speeds of 15-20mbps. Users also need to keep in mind that any other devices in your household connected to the internet maybe hogging data - if someone is playing videos games, watching Netflix in another room, or if you phone is downloading something, etc. If your internet speed is below 15-20mbps, or if you pay for internet that should operate at speeds above this and you are still experiencing problems with speed, you will need to call your internet provider to address your needs with them.

How frequently are videos uploaded?

You can watch new videos every Thursday. As a Tier 2 member, you will have unlimited access to the entire archive. As a Tier 3 member, you will have unlimited access to the entire archive in addition to exclusive extended-cut videos related to the stream and from Mirai’s bonsai travels around the world.

Will I be able to communicate with Ryan Neil directly?

You can talk with Ryan directly as a Tier 3 member via the chat function during live streams and exclusive Live Q&A’s. If you have urgent bonsai questions/needs, you can book a 1-on-1 consult with Ryan Neil. These appointments may be booked through the contact tab or by emailing As a Tier 3 member, you receive a discounted rate for these consults.

How do I access the Mirai Live video archive?

As a Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 member, you can build your skills with Mirai Live’s video archive by clicking on the archive tab. We are uploading video content every week, so there is always something new for you to watch!

How do I download my HD wallpaper bundle?

If you subscribed as a Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 member, you should have received a download link in the ‘Welcome to Mirai Live’ email. But you can also access the HD Wallpaper Bundle on this page.

How do I access the chat?

You can chat with us Live if you join as a Tier 3 - Innovator!

When we are Live, the chat function will appear to the right of the streaming video on your home page tab. You may enter your name or stay anonymous as a ‘guest.’ You will see the names and comments of other Mirai Live Innovators. You can enter your questions/comments in the space offered, the Mirai Team will be standing by to acknowledge your feedback Live!

Please note: if you are a Tier 3 member and view the site with Internet Explorer 10 or 11, the Chatwee chat widget will not appear correctly. You will need to “pop” the chat window out into a new window. You can do that by clicking the button illustrated below:

How are my questions answered on the chat?

When we are Live, as a Tier 3 member you can ask questions/provide feedback by typing in the chat function. The Mirai team will incorporate relevant questions/comments into the live stream by asking Ryan out-loud. We will filter out questions that are off-topic and/or about a very specific situation. The Live Q&A’s are Tier 3’s opportunity to ask species specific questions, or tree-specific situations.

Some of your questions will be answered by the Mirai Team directly through the chat, as written responses. You will always see Bonsai Mirai as a user on the chat, interacting with you Live.

These questions really dictate the direction of Live discussions. Oftentimes, Ryan will ask you all for design feedback, or to answer horticultural questions. As a Tier 3 member, you can collaborate with Ryan Neil Live.

If your question wasn’t answered Live, bring it to a Live Q&A! If you have urgent bonsai-related questions, you can schedule a 1-on-1 consult with Ryan Neil. See below how to schedule this.

How do I access the extended-cut videos and features?

As a Tier 3 member, you can watch exclusive extended-cut videos by viewing the extended-cut section under the archived video for which that lesson connects to.

The Tier 3 special features live in the archive alongside the live streams. We are continually uploading premium video content that is exclusive to Tier 3, so check back! You will be able to tell it is new by the red marker on the thumbnail.

How often are the Live Q&A’s? How do I find them in the archive?

As a Tier 3 member, you will be notified ahead of time when Live Q&As are scheduled via email.

During these Q&A’s, you will be able to interact with Ryan Neil and the Mirai Team via the chat function.The point of these Q&As is to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of bonsai. Any question is fair game, and we go line for line each question that is asked for exactly 1 hour. We do our best to answer as many questions as possible, but we can’t always get to everyone. It is important to come to the Live Q&A’s early to get your question in so you can get an answer.

To be fair, we don’t take questions for the Q&A’s ahead of time, this way we can answer as many questions as possible from folks who join us Live. If you have an urgent or pressing question that did not get answered in the Live Q&A, or if you need detailed troubleshooting feedback about a situation you are experiencing with your bonsai, you always have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Ryan. Tier 3 members receive a significant discount. Please inquire via the contact tab or email

The Live Q&A’s can be found under their own category in the Filter panel to the left in the archive.

How do I book a 1-on-1 consultation with Ryan Neil?

If you’re looking for immediate and specific bonsai feedback, you can book a 1-on-1 with Ryan Neil by submitting a request via the contact tab or by emailing

The Mirai Team will walk you through pricing depending on your specific questions and urgent needs. As a Tier 3 member, you will receive a discounted rate.

How do I upgrade?

If you already have a subscription to Mirai Live and you are ready to go deeper, you can upgrade by visiting the my account tab - scroll down to ‘Billing’ and click the ‘Change Plan’ button.

My account is ‘pending activation’ what does this mean?

You won’t be able to join us Live until you activate your account!

You can do this by opening the ‘Welcome to Mirai Live’ email sent by Bonsai Mirai and clicking through the activation link. Check your trash or spam folders.

If the email is not showing up in your inbox, or if the link isn’t working, let the Mirai Team know via the contact tab or by emailing

Where is

​We are currently building a brand new site for you to explore and enjoy in the near future! If you have any questions regarding visiting the garden or signing up for classes, email

I still have a question…

If you are still having technical issues - if your questions weren’t answered in this FAQ - or if you have some feedback to share, let us know!

Tell us via the contact tab or by emailing

Thanks for being a part of Mirai Live!